Friday, April 30, 2010

Updates updates...

Hey Hey etsy updated yay! more to come over the next few days! Check it out, just click on shop and click on "shop Beelicious on etsy" which will take you straight there! Ive had so much fun making my new designs I hope you like them too! I'm planning on trying out more clothes, skirts, dresses and the like! In fabric and crochet. I've so many ideas racing around my head at the moment I'm finding it hard to even get them down on paper. Monday begins a new wave of enthusiasm and energy(hopefully) where my ideas will start taking form. Stay tuned for new developments and for the moment here are some of the newly added items! Enjoy!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bits and Pieces...

I've had such a busy two weeks, first bad with the pooch having surgery(she thought eating a peach stone was a good idea...), the second was great. I've had far more fun than I expected and have finished some pieces I'm very happy with. I decided on tuesday that when I came home wednesday I was going to take three days off and have a dvd marathon but I keep getting ideas and the need to make things so my break has been postponed... I hope I'll get 'round to it I'm missing out on Grave of the Fireflies and Up!

Here's some of my work soon to be on etsy, also I'll be in the craft fair in the Unitarian Church on Princes st in Cork on the 24th of this month so come check it out! There'll be some great stalls and atmosphere!