Friday, November 27, 2009

Oh time, time, why do you hate me....

So Still trying to get used to this blog thing and a new keyboard is not helping... and time, let us not forget that dreaded clock ticking ominously in the corner (the ticking is of course not really there but I thought it created a nice creepy atmosphere).

The work is going well, slow but I think I may be getting there, my goal is to have roughly 200 keyrings, which means about forty more to go... Thats the one thing I hate- not knowing whats required and Im all about the motto "be prepared" sometimes I may take this too far...

So I know I promised photos etc but these will have to wait until the arrival of my laptop and all the transferring action that will be taking place!

Again not a very interesting or informative post but I promise I will get better when time and me kiss and make up!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A tasty treat

So here it begins, my quest to entice people to sample my delicious crocheted treats,(and real treats of course). Despite the concerns of many people I am adamant to pursue my dream of someday owning a vintage tea shop with a lot more than cake and tea on the menu.

Stay tuned for recipes etc....and photos!