Sunday, December 6, 2009


So my first attempt at making Turkish delight did not go to plan…Instead of being lovely and squidgy it was in fact rock hard, it did taste nice though. However the majority ended up in the bin, people like their teeth apparently.

So now plans have to change for the fair. No more Turkish delight (mmm rose water…) chocolate truffles will have to do.

On a lighter note my Devils food cake tissue box cover is going well though I cant decide which colour whipped cream swirls to do, cream or chocolate ah or both!! and chocolate sprinkles! I'm excited!


Right back to work now, must make up for the two wasted Turkish delight hours!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My “day off”

So not so much of a day off as it was a day of cleaning one room…but on the up side the sitting room was lovely and tidy for a few hours… I did get a pair of mittens done though, had to change the colour due to my dwindling wool supplies.

Also forgot to finish my dress so tomorrow it is! Have an pile to do tomorrow, grapefruit rounds to crochet, labels to attach, label programs to try and figure out before they break my computer, oh lord Im tired of thinking!

To bed now, oh sleep I miss you…

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Whipped Cream Battle Chronicles…

Oh whipped cream is not an easy think to replicate in wool, spent almost the whole day fighting with the bloody thing to give in and do as it was told, eventually it behaved, somewhat, hoping that it is even slightly recognisable as whipped cream..    



or strange white peanuts…right now going to blame it on the awful photo.

So I have decided, after my terrifyingly late night last night and early morning, that I am going to take tomorrow off (actually just the half day…guilts phew) and do some much needed tidying. My work tends to expand and take over the entire house. And of course, places need tidying for Christmas decorations…excitement! Though I'm so behind in my shopping which is so completely unlike me, usually I have it done in September…Im a bit of a crazy! I had such a good idea for a present for my sister but I don't have the time to do it do am distraught!! Hopefully Ill remember to do it for her birthday!

Things are looking good for the 18th, Im starting to feel slightly better about quantity, just need to make sure everything's finished properly, all ends sewn in and the like. Which reminds me, I've my last dressmaking class on Monday, I'm going to miss my almost finished dress- will post photo soon! There’s another thing I must do tomorrow, suddenly not really looking like a day off… 

Thursday, December 3, 2009

So so tired…

Have just finished a pair of strawberry fingerless mittens at half two am and am  zonked. Though it was a wee challenge I set for myself. And thanks to the fantastic helping hands of a certain friend, almost all the labels have been attached to the keyrings! 

                  beibh crochet 09 011

So here’s just a tiny example of some of the keyrings I will be selling at a craft fair in Cork city. Hoping and praying things go down well and people like my bits and bobs! My blood sweat and tears have gone into them so I'm amazed they didn't turn out creepy and gross! But have started to ramble again so to bed and sleep with me…..oh and I have so many ideas of little handbags and purses so watch this space for some terribly childish paint shop drawings!