Thursday, December 3, 2009

So so tired…

Have just finished a pair of strawberry fingerless mittens at half two am and am  zonked. Though it was a wee challenge I set for myself. And thanks to the fantastic helping hands of a certain friend, almost all the labels have been attached to the keyrings! 

                  beibh crochet 09 011

So here’s just a tiny example of some of the keyrings I will be selling at a craft fair in Cork city. Hoping and praying things go down well and people like my bits and bobs! My blood sweat and tears have gone into them so I'm amazed they didn't turn out creepy and gross! But have started to ramble again so to bed and sleep with me…..oh and I have so many ideas of little handbags and purses so watch this space for some terribly childish paint shop drawings!

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