Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brain…why must you run away with yourself?

Finally I have returned to the crochet world after an extended Christmas break although diversions have not made it easy. Neither has the lack of brightly coloured wool. I have however begun an attempt at a shawl scarf thing in shell crochet which is quite pretty although had to start off with 202 stitches. This instils terror in my heart, I'm used to 25 stitches at most…

Ooh I have finally found super soft and super chunky wool so watch this space for cupcake brooches and the like!

Over Christmas I became rather distracted with dressmaking… well I say dressmaking I actually mean messing around with the sewing machine. So I attempted sewing a simple clutch bag and it worked out well so I tried another and another and now I am completely obsessed. So I found this amazing fabric on eBay so hopefully Ill be adding bags and purses to my collection.

I am also attempting the far more challenging ruffled, gathered, lace-y, tiered skirt pattern I found somewhere. Its hideously complicated but I'm well excited to see how it'll turn out. I have since discovered that I am a lace-y, ruffle kind of gal, oh and ribbons. My mind is actually whirling so much I cant even think but all Ill say is watch this space for photos and much more lace filled adventures!

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