Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snow, Sleepiness and all things in between

Finally I have returned, there's only so much a brain can store without overflowing! I've now returned to working my usual hours with the crochet and did have one or two moments when I just wanted to give up and curl up in bed with a Terry's chocolate orange and Geoffrey Rush..(unfortunately on screen and not in my bed)..but I persevered with the evil cupcake scarf and am now almost complete, just waiting on sprinkles! I suppose "evil" is a bit harsh but I seriously thought it would never happen. Ive tried out so many variations and couldn't find the perfect wool until a lone yellow colour caught my eye in the wool shop and beckoned me with its fantastic velvety softness....Now I just have a sprinkle problem ...what to use...?

Also nearing the end of my other experimental projects! I'm a divil when it comes to new things, I start at least five at the same time and manage to hit problems about the same time too. So now I'm trying to source chain for a handbag with is proving difficult(I'm a tad fussy) I found two, ones too big and one is too small...sigh. If anyone knows any website or shop where I could find a selection of non fused chain I would be ecstatic if you emailed me!

Goodness I've barely baked this new year which is unlike me but I blame the weather causing much laziness, but have an order for some butterfly cakes with butter cream filling so Ill post a photo soon too tantalise the taste buds and make you all jealous (me also...I cant eat them...damn wheat allergies!) though speaking of which I believe I might be ever closer to concocting a recipe for some wheat-free treats so stay tunes!

And on that positive note I must sigh off and get some beauty sleep!

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